Tenzier is a nonprofit organization which has as its mandate to preserve, celebrate, and disseminate archival recordings by Quebec avant-garde artists. Since its founding in 2010, it has coordinated the research and production of seven vinyl records in addition to organizing events meant to bring together different generations of artists and music/film aficionados.

For more details: tenzier.org

TNZR050: Étienne O’Leary, Musiques de films (1966-1968)

TNZR051: Quatuor de jazz libre du Québec, 1973

TNZR052: Bernard Gagnon, Musique électronique (1975-1983)

TNZR053: Gisèle Ricard, Électroacoustique (1980-1987)

TNZR054: Yves Bouliane, Champ (10 opérations)

TNZR055: Cham-pang, Tant pis 81-82

TNZR056: Guy Thouin, Rien ô tout ou linéaire un