Doctoral Dissertation:

— “Experiments in Cultural Diplomacy: Music as Mediation in Canadian-Brazilian Relations (1940s-1960s).” PhD Thesis (Concordia University), 2019.


— “Quebec Culture Can be Diplomatic Asset for CAQ Government.” The Montreal Gazette, 30 October, 2018.

— “Using Culture to Strengthen Mercosur Ties.” Policy Options, 9 May, 2018.

Conferences and Presentations:

“The International Service of the CBC as an Instrument of Musical Diplomacy in Brazil (1940s-1950s).” 98th annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA). Toronto; 4 June 2019.

“Sound Bites: Music and Public Diplomacy in Canadian‐Brazilian Relations (1940s‐1960s).” 60th annual meeting of the International Studies Association (ISA). Toronto; 30 March 2019.

Panel discussion with César Villanueva Rivas, Lynda Jessup, and Hannah Burgé Luviano on the topic of “Cultural Diplomacy as Practice and Policy.” Speaks: Cultural Studies Speakers’ Series (in collaboration with North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative and Queen’s University). Kingston; 6 March 2019.

Panel discussion with Yuan Stevens. Speaking Near-By (Dazibao Art Centre). Montreal; 13 December 2018.

“Musically Imagined Communities: Sound in Transnational History.”  Muffins and Methodology / Montreal History Group (McGill Institute for the Study of Canada). Montreal; 19 January 2018.

“Villa-Lobos à Montréal et la constitution d’une communauté sonore Canada-Brésil: nationalisme/universalisme ou l’art du contrepoint (1942-1952).” 70th annual meeting of the Institut d’histoire de l’Amérique française (IHAF). Montreal; 21 October 2017.

“Folk Songs for Old Friends: The Quatuor Alouette and the Making of a Canada-Brazil Sonorous Community in the 1940s.” 96th annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA). Toronto; 30 May 2017.

“Sound Waves in Brazil-Canada Relations (1942-1952).” Laboratório de Pesquisa de Cultura e Política (IFCS-UFRJ). Rio de Janeiro; 19 May 2017.

*** This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship / Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement) and Concordia University (Graduate Doctoral Fellowship / Mobility Award). ***