Eric Fillion holds a PhD in History from Concordia University. His research explores the social and symbolic importance of music, within countercultures and in Canadian international relations. His ongoing work on cultural diplomacy and Canadian-Brazilian relations builds on the experience he has acquired as a musician (he played drums and percussion for several Montreal-based groups) as well as on his study of Quatuor de jazz libre du Quebec, a separatist free jazz ensemble associated with the Quebec left of the 1960s and 1970s. An affiliate of the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative (NACDi), he is the founder of the Tenzier archival record label and the author of JAZZ LIBRE et la révolution québécoise.

Starting September 2019, Eric Fillion will be a postdoctoral fellow (SSHRC and FRQSC) in the Department of History at the University of Toronto where he will examine international music festivals as transnational, contested sites of cultural performance during the long sixties.

Email address: eric[@]ericfillion[.]org
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Twitter: @tenzier
Instagram: @tenzier

Discography (Selected List)
– Pas chic chic. 12”. ℗ 2010. Semprini. LP.
– Land of Kush. Against the Day. ℗ 2009. Constellation. LP/CD.
– Pas chic chic. Au contraire. ℗ 2008. Semprini. LP/CD.
– Cobra noir. Barricades. ℗ 2006. Yellow Dog / Chainsaw Safety. LP/CD.
– Cobra noir. Abode of the Dead. ℗ 2005. Magic Bullet / Cyclop Media. LP/CD.
– The Black Hand. War Monger. ℗ 2002. Scorched Earth Policy / Chainsaw Safety. LP/CD.
– Ire. Adversity into Triumph. ℗ 1999. Ellington. CD.
– Ire. I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy in your Voice. ℗ 1998. The Mountain Collective. LP/CD.
– Ire. Split w/ Seized. ℗ 1996. Fetus / Spineless. LP.

Music: Pas chic chic – “Interlude 1 [Allez vous faire influencer]”
Projections: Karl Lemieux
Nocturnes of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) – 4 April, 2008